Amoy Street is a pixel RPG reminiscent of 1960s Singapore.  Collect all the memories by interacting to different NPCs in order to repair your grandmother's broken hairpin and return to the modern times.

This game is sponsored by NHB Digimuse 2020.


  • Game features 4 locations with interactable objects
  • Collect different items in your inventory to unlock future memories


  • Arrow keys / WASD - Move around
  • C or click - Interact
  • Z - Inventory
  • Hold X - Highlight interactable objects

This game is scheduled to be released in early 2021. Thank you for your kind support! 

Note: This game is currently optimised for web browsers in Windows. We are currently working on a bug to fix gameplay for Mac.

Brought to you by

Liz - concept and art

Ryan - development and music

Luke - development and art

Kymie - development and art


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how to continue the game, I can't go upstairs in my chrome of mac