A downloadable ANGERY for Windows

ANGERY is a zero-sum game that allows 2 players to take control of unique characters and engage in a battle of wits and wills in order to triumph. With every action, players close in on each other until they are CLOSE ENOUGH to engage in ritualistic combat. In this demo, the noble Ursa, descendant of the bear god, Ursoc, faces off against the sly and cunning magical fox, Kitsune.


1) Use "W", "A", "D" for Player 1 and "Up", "Left", "Right" for player 2 to assign the commands, "Scissors", "Rock" and "Paper" respectively.

2) Rock beats scissors, scissors beats paper and paper beats rock.

3) After each player inputs 3 commands, a fight ensues and each player deals damage corresponding to their number of wins.

4) Reduce your opponent's health to zero to win.

Known Bugs:

1) Pressing Command Buttons repeatedly and too quickly may result in the sprites not reaching their intended destination, however, the game should continue to work.

2) Sprites may not reach intended destiantion due to bug.

Group Name: NUSNTU

Group Members:

1) Phua Wen Yao

2) Quek Rui Jie

3) Loh Han Tong, Victor

4) Ryan Tan Wen Jun

Install instructions

Download the exe file and install. Run the game, and click on start to begin.



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