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Technodancer is a rhythm-based VR shooter game which sees two worlds, rhythm and shooter games, collide. The beat of the original soundtrack is key to both the player and the enemies - players can only shoot on the beat whilst enemies move on the beat. Shoot at waves of enemies coming towards you as you find yourself dancing to the rhythm of the beat.

Technodancer was produced and developed by Cubeworks Unlimited, a team of university students from the National University of Singapore. The team consists of Biette Nathan Jean Emmanuel, Matthew Chan Kuang Liang, Muhammad Hazzry Bin Shafaruan, Ryan Tan Wen Jun and Chew Ho Tin, David.

Feel the rhythm, take aim, DANCE!

Install instructions

Requires Steam VR and HTC Vive.

Download the zip file and unzip. Run the executable file to start playing.


Technodancer.zip 53 MB

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